Horses bring us into the present moment

Our connections and desire to have a relationship with animals dates back tens of thousands of years. Seems like there is something special and mystique in connecting with horses. People of all ages feel drawn to horses because of their magical beauty, grace, majestic stature and strength. Therefore being in the presence of horses seems to transform people in various ways.

Clinical studies have proven that being around horses changes the brain wave patterns of humans. Being in the presence of horses brings us more into the present moment, we calm down, become more focused and centred. Transformation happens.

Especially during the last twenty years we have learned more about the beneficial effects of being around horses and using this positive interaction with horses for therapeutic encounters with clients. The positive experiences with human-horse interactions have shown profound healing on physical, emotional and mental challenges. As a result, children with autism often begin to say new words or express themselves more often. Furthermore women heal themselves from abuse, set boundaries, stand tall and become more confident. Bosses become more sensitive leaders and teams grow together when experiencing to do tasks with the horses. Veterans feel they can finally deal better with what they have gone through and traumatic experiences can be dealt with through somatic experiencing in the presence of the horses; and much more…

It is just wonderful to observe when shy, withdrawn, fearful people are guided to connect with their hearts, and become confident as they lead a 500 kg animal through an obstacle course. Horses are responsive beings. They are always aware and sensitive to what is going on in their surroundings. Horses have as many individual personalities, physical abilities and limitations as the humans they are working with. Best of all, horses never lie and give immediate and honest feedback. This feedback is used in the coaching process with the horses.

Equine Experiential Learning sessions can be fun and enjoyable, clearing blockages and freeing, insightful and transformational. They can lead us back into our natural balance and become confident about our abilities. The sessions at HORSE REFLECTIONS are always tailored to the individual’s needs.

connecting with horses