Transform yourself with the Wisdom of Horse – Coaching with Horse – Equine Experiential Learning

All over the world equine facilitated human development is becoming recognised as a powerful modality for human transformation, health and wellness. Incorporating horses into human development, growth and learning, has become a profound and creative way to develop new skills and insights, learn about the self, getting in touch with one’s authenticity, review life and it’s purpose and passions.

Horses have the ability to mirror one’s beliefs and intentions. Why? Their survival instincts have given them the ability to read the energy of predators and for safety in their environment. Therefore horses can sense your thoughts, your feelings, and your state of mind. When we start living our lives authentically and congruently like the horses do, we can find true freedom. Let the ‘Spirit of the Horse’ lead the way!


What is Horse Reflections about?

We partner humans and horses in service of personal development and empowerment. Transform yourself with the Wisdom of Horses – Coaching with Horses – Equine Experiential Learning and Equine Facilitated Learning with Petra Stampfer



“Everything is energy and that’s all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality. This is not philosophy. This is physics.”  Albert Einstein

Horse in Equine Experiential Learning
Equine Experiential Learning individual client session
Horse in Equine Experiential Learning
Horse mirroring a participant

“I would like this opportunity to recommend Petra. She is a talented and gifted healer, with a beautiful calm energy. Her professional and kind mannerism enabled me to work through some personal issues, without feeling anything other than safe and supported. She has a very broad knowledge of healing techniques to draw from, and this, combined with her experience, makes her stand head and shoulders above the crowd. I highly recommend Petra’s services and I would encourage anyone to meet with Petra and her trusted horses, and let the magic happen. The combination of coaching and counselling, with the assistance of horses, is a truly unique experience.”

Marion Valster

BSc Psych (Hons)

Horses leave hoofprints on your heart
Transformation, Reflection, Mindfulness

Why Coaching with Horses?

Horses live in the moment. They are highly curious, very social and they mirror and read us and our energy. They give us great feedback as their language is one of images and instincts in comparison to ours of words and logic. The horses hearts are approx. 5-times bigger than the human hearts. They read us with their hearts and being in their presence, teaches us the language of the heart.


Horses’ primary need is for safety

More than food, water, comfort and companionship, safety is paramount to a horse. When we interact with them, they want to know who we are. Can we be trusted? Will we hurt them? Where do we fit in the pecking order? Consequently, they are intently focused on us. They tune into our energetic vibration to get a ‘reading’ and sense who we are or what we feel behind our facade, an indicator whether we are mentally, emotionally or spiritually aligned.

Horses are sentient beings and always honest. Falsehood is not in their nature. Equine Experiential Learning engages both spheres of the brain. The advantages of ‘Learning through Experience’ are significant. Equine Experiential Learning creates an Opportunity for Reflection – Reflection is an integral component of the experiential learning process. By incorporating concrete experiences and reflecting on the outcome, participants analyse how their actions affected the outcome. This helps them better understand. Mistakes Become Valuable – Experiential learning involves learning by doing, touch or connecting. Participants find that some approaches might work better than others and a “mistake” – actually becomes a valuable part of the learning process.

Therapeutic but not therapy

This process illuminates your specific patterns for you to develop and apply tools for regulation and balance within a real-time relationship. Your insights and experience with the horses are directly applicable to your life and desired changes. Everything is energy, and energy carries information. We carry a lifetime of information in our cells – which are constantly vibrating and sending out information. Our physical health carries a certain vibration, along with multitudes of other vibrations including our beliefs, experiences, emotions, intentions, and thoughts. Each of us has a unique energetic signature.

Energy flows where our attention goes – Like attracts like

Horses tune into our vibrations that have the most intensity, usually those aspects of ourselves that are unresolved and/or consume much of our attention – whether we are conscious of it or not. The quality of energetic vibration that we receive must match the quality of energetic vibration that we send out. Therefore how the horses respond to us matches what we are transmitting. Horses are our energetic mirrors and through their responses to us, we can instantly get a sense of how we ‘show up’ in the world. When we are grounded, heart-centred, and present, the horses are drawn to be near us.


What are the benefits? And is this for me?

Some of the benefits that clients have gained and reported from their interactions with horses:

  • Deepen your understanding for your situation
  • Generate profound breakthroughs
  • Find inspiration for new experiences and a meaningful life
  • Connect to your heart
  • Self-awareness, fresh insights
  • Transformation
  • Learn to stand your ground and set boundaries
  • Build your Self-esteem
  • Find and claim your own voice
  • Non-violent communication
  • Get in touch with your emotions
  • Let go of old stories and circumstances that do not reflect the truth of who you are
  • Realign yourself with authenticity as integrity
  • Learn to speak your truth and live it from your heart
  • Bullying and abuse victims
  • Embody new energies that will help propel you forward
  • Overcome traumatic experiences
  • Becoming present and focused
  • Improved relationships
  • Better relationship with Self
  • Respect and better behaviour

Recent Neuroscience findings have uncovered that we have complex and functional neural networks – or ‘brains’- in our heart and gut, giving scientific credence to most ancient and contemporary wisdom traditions. Each brain/intelligence has prime functions. For example your heart’s prime functions involve relationships, values and purpose.

Your gut brain’s primary function is survival and identity. Since these two brains communicate through feeling, emotions, and sensing, the head brain has to tune into these messages and interpret them accurately. Alignment only becomes possible when the three brains are communicating. With alignment we access higher states of coherence and the emergence of self-evolving higher wisdom. When we do not have clear and accurate communication between the three brains we experience internal conflict, health challenges, unfulfilling relationships, unrealised goals, and so on.