Here at HORSE REFLECTIONS it is our passion to fulfill our purpose in making a difference in the lives of others with horses. We see everyone as an individual and unique. We love to guide those that are ready, in taking on responsibility for their lives, health and actions, working through the physical, mental and emotional blocks of self. In human-equine interactions we provide an emotionally safe environment for experiencing personal growth, healing, transformation and fun throughout our sessions and workshops. Our higher aim is to guide participants to ultimately forgive and find their pathway back to their hearts and souls – to their true destiny.

Our approach is holistic and participants experience transformation through the ‘wisdom of horse’. We feel confident that our participants hold within themselves all the right answers. Our goal is that people get back into their own personal power and see the beauty in themselves. The horses and we human facilitators guide the client to connect with their ‘inner balance and peace’ to then have that reflect in all aspects of their lives.

Our horse facilitators are be considered our partners and seen as sentient and intelligent beings.




Partnering Humans and Horses in Service of Personal Development and Empowerment –

Transform yourself with the Wisdom of Horse


The Coaching with Horses/Equine Experiential and Equine Facilitated Learning



Petra Stampfer is author, coach, healer, trainer and founder of the Soul Light Institute of Massage and Holistic Healing, Croydon Hills, VIC 3136, Australia, offering complementary therapies for humans and animals, personal and spiritual development.


What qualifies Petra to run Horse Reflections?

EQUINE EXPERIENTIAL FACILITATOR – Level 1, Module 1 & 2, Level 2 Principles of Group Work (CEEL)

Practitioner in facilitating human-horse interactions according to 6 Keys of Relationship that provides a framework for the learning / transformation experience. Through a unique coaching process based on the substantiated research in neuroscience, we work with clients to align and integrate their intelligence centres to expand their capability to transform, change, and achieve desired goals and outcomes. Principles of Group Work and Group Dynamics.

Petra feels very blessed to have attended professional training with the Centre for Equine Experiential Learning, Torquay, with Cindy Jacobs and Cheryl Cruttenden (Australian leaders in the field) from 2014 – 2016.


Life Coaching – Counselling, Certificate & Diploma

It’s all about supporting the client to find answers within themselves and creating a profound shift in behaviour, spirit, attitude and emotional wellbeing. The goal is to uncover behavioural patterns and underlying issues as well as realising that there need to be a change. Changing ourselves might also mean taking a risk in life. This risk is something you choose to take and therefore it creates an experience where you are in control how far you want to push yourself further ahead regarding to what you want to achieve.


Life Coaching/Counselling – Certificate and Diploma – 2 year study completed at SGD Darmstadt, Germany in 2007



Petra has found a great partner and complement in

Dr. Denise Cornall and her herd at Humevale, Vic 3757

Denise has worked with horses pretty much all her life. She shares her stunning property with 6 beautiful horses and enjoys communicating with them.

Denise also specialises as an Osteopath & Physiotherapist, T.R.E. Trauma Release Exercises and is currently undertaking further development in Equine Experiential Learning.


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