5 Quick and Practical Methods to Increase Your Self-confidence

If you could enhance a single trait about yourself with the objective of improving your success, your happiness and your effectiveness, what would it be?

Your intelligence? Your empathy? Your height?

I’m here to tell you that 99{b612428ae64b506933cc32800504a640b9b71361ecd3ababfa854a24f25b7f74} of the time, you’d get the best results by enhancing your confidence. Surprised? With self-confidence, you can genuinely accomplish anything. It’s true. Self-confidence really does change the way you approach every situation, the way that others see you and the way that you come out of every interaction.

But what is Confidence?

Confidence is the ability to do what you want and to be yourself. This must be done in a way that still recognises social cues and unwritten social rules. Confidence means taking decisive action and not second guessing yourself. This means you must be willing to accept consequences. It means that others perceive you as being higher in the social pecking order (that’s where we can compare ourselves with the horses). If you try desperately to gain approval, you inadvertently send a signal that you need others’ approval more than they need yours.

Now, building confidence when you are naturally low in self-esteem is not something that comes easily. Rather, it is something that takes a huge amount of time, patience and perseverance. Are you already trying hard to become that most confident version of you?

Let’s take a look then at 5 of the steps you can follow for a start to achieve more self-confidence:Think about someone who is confident. Then act, talk and walk like him or her. Model their mannerisms and behaviour. It works for them; it will work for you.


  1. Think about someone who is confident. Then act, talk and walk like him or her. Model their mannerisms and behaviour. It works for them; it will work for you.


  1. Buy yourself some new clothes, get your hair done, treat yourself to receiving a massage, some healthy food from the Deli or simply something new. It will make you feel better and will give your ego a boost.


  1. Watch yourself in the mirror first and smile. Your smile is beautiful and attracts others into your life. Smile a lot more. That doesn’t mean putting a silly grin on your face! But consciously smile when you walk down the street, when you meet people, so you will generally be happier even if you’re not feeling that way.


  1. Learn from the past experiences; don’t beat yourself up about it. It’s gone; the exactly same situation is never coming back. Instead you have learned from it for next time and will confidently bring changes into those situations.


  1. Are you prepared for situations? Are you prepared enough to meet the ‘Mother in Law’, the new date, bullies in the neighbourhood or workplace and deal with them or any challenge that may come up? Are you prepared for that meeting, that presentation, that job interview, when you meet someone for the first time? If not, get to it.


Be in charge of your thoughts at all times. What is a thought? It’s just a question that you’ve asked yourself and the thought is you’re answer.

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